Tuesday, August 2, 2011

All Clad Discount- Where To Find the Best Discounts for All Clad Cookware

If  you are looking for the best all clad discount, then look no further. Many places sell All Clad cookware online,but finding the best discounts can be tiresome and take up a lot of time. So, If you are strapped for time, I've looked around the among the All Clad sales and found the best All Clad discounts for you.
All-Clad Stainless 14-Piece Cookware Set

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Why Buy All Clad Cookware
All Clad cookware is rated exceptionally highly by reviewers who actually used them and here are some of the reasons they gave as why you should be using All Clad cookware.
  • Prevents hot spots, and heats up evenly due to aluminium core and stainless steel coating
  • Heats up fast and holds heat well
  • Nice weight easy to handle
  • The lids although light seals all the goodness of the foods really well
  • Long lastig non- reactive surfaces
  • Easy to clean, handwash recommended
  • Good grip with sturdy heatproof handles
  • Energy saving as it cooks on a lower heat
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All  Clad Stainless Fry Pans

All-Clad Stainless 10-Inch Fry PanAll Clad Fry pans come in a range of sizes ranging from 10- 14". They include basic stainless steel, copper core, non-stick and Master Chef 2 type fry pans. They have sturdy heat proof handles and many come with well fitting light weight lids. The 10" and 12" stainless steel fry pans are the most popular items in this range and come with great discounts.

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All Clad Saucepans and Stockpots
All-Clad Stainless 2-Quart SaucepanAll Clad saucepans come in a range of sizes from 11/2 quarts to 6 quarts. They are available in stainless steel, copper core and Master Chef 2 ranges. The angled non heating handles provide a safe and comfortable grip and are easy on your wrist. The insides do not stain when you cook acidic items like tomatoes and marinades and are easily cleaned. Nice weight.

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All Clad Saute Pans
All-Clad Master Chef 2 3-Quart Nonstick Saute PanAll Clad Saute Pans come in a variety of designs ranging from stainless steel, Master Chef 2, Copper core and Cop-R-Chef  in sizes ranging from 2 -6 quarts. They are sturdy and heat up evenly due to multi- layer construction. Washing and cleaning these pans are a breeze, and many models are dishwasher proof. Handle stays cool during cooking. Good grip.

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All Clad Stainless Steel Cookware Sets
All-Clad 5000-9 Stainless 9-Piece Cookware SetAll Clad stainless cookware sets range from 5 piece starter sets, to professional chefs' 14 piece sets. Attractive and long lasting these sets are ideal investments with a lifetime warranty. These sets contain the items which are most used by home cooks and professional cooks depending on the number of pieces in the set. The basic set consists of  a frypan, saucepan and saute pan, which covers the basic cooking needs of an average family. You can gradually build up your sets by adding on pieces as an when you need it and your budget permits.

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All Clad Master Chef 2
All-Clad Master Chef 2 7-Piece Cookware SetAll Clad Master Chef 2 range comes in individual pieces as well as sets. They come in non-stick and stainless internal finishes. These pieces are real heavy duty, made to last a lifetime and will suit nay chef's needs. The stay cool handles provide a nice and safe grip and the pans heat up evenly. The pans are of good weight with well fitting lids. These pieces clean easily with soap and water.

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Did not find anything that matched your needs? Leave a comment and I will be glad to help out.